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Has R.S.I. Ruined Your Game?

Has R.S.I. Ruined Your Game?

Have you ever considered that Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) is holding you back from lower golf scores? I first discovered this problem when I tried to develop a golf training aid to remind me to keep my leading arm straight in my backswing. All of the pros swing with straight leading arms.

Our club pro pointed out my bent leading elbow during a golf lesson which was causing me to “swing over the top”. I quickly learned that it was difficult for me to change to a straight leading arm swing because I was hurting my arm with a Repetitive Strain Injury. IT DOES RECOVER OVER TIME.

My Personal Swing Problem
I am naturally a left handed person. I write with my left hand and play baseball and hockey with a left handed grip. When I first started to play golf with friends in our local park I had no choice but to grab the only available clubs: right handed clubs. I somehow adjusted and just learned to swing with a bent leading arm.

The longer you swing a golf club incorrectly the more difficult it is to correct your swing. Repetitive Stain Injury is very common for anyone trying to change to a straight leading arm golf swing. If you want to become a good golfer with a consistent swing, you have no choice but to retrain your body and your mind.

I developed a golf training aid call GOLFSTR+ to remind me to keep my leading arm straight. At first I developed a minor Repetitive Strain Injury and I had to keep recovering and returning to my training program with GOLFSTR+. Physical changes in our bodies take time. I have gradually learned to swing with a straight leading arm by limiting my backswing and learning to rotate my hips and shoulders during my backswing.

Practice swings with your flat leading wrist (#3) and straight leading arm (#2). These are 2 of the 6 swing fixes that you learn with GOLFSTR+. Changing muscle memory takes time but it’s work it.

With my straight leading arm swing my swing consistency improved but I struggled to generate a lot more distance. I now realize that I was limiting my wrist release because I was bowing my wrist during my backswing. Another swing fixes with GOLFSTR+ is to train for a flat wrist swing. Again I briefly suffered with RSI during my transition but the change is paying off in spades.

I’m in my 70’s and for the first time I am hitting 250 yard drives with my flat wrist and a straight leading arm. I trained for my new swing with GOLFSTR+ and I’m glad that I finally adjusted to correct my swing. My goal is now to hit more Greens in Regulation and minimize my putts to shoot rounds in the 70’s. Buy one today at www.GOLFSTR.com

Golf Truism #74: Don’t buy a putter until you’ve had a chance to throw it.


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