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All Sports Television Goes Live with Jai Alai

Detroit, MI – All Sports Television Network (“ALL SPORTS”) announces its first-ever live broadcast, which is featuring the 2024 World Jai Alai League (“WJAL”) Battle Court, set to take place in the iconic courts of Miami, Florida. This historic moment marks ALL SPORTS’ debut in live sports broadcasting, promising viewers an adrenaline-packed experience as they witness the resurgence of one of the most captivating sports in history.

he Battle Court live broadcast, scheduled from February through April 2024, promises to reignite the passion for one of the world’s fastest ball games. Jai Alai, once a beloved sport drawing crowds from the United States to Europe and Asia, will return to the forefront of sports entertainment thanks to ALL SPORTS commitment to showcasing its excitement and intensity.

“We are thrilled to bring the exhilarating action of Jai Alai back to American viewers through our inaugural live broadcast,” stated Roger Neal Smith, CEO of ALL SPORTS. “This milestone not only signifies our dedication to delivering premium sports content but also represents a bold step forward in our mission to connect fans worldwide with the passion and excitement of sports.

About Battle Court
Battle Court, a division of the World Jai Alai League, embodies the heart-pounding intensity and competitive spirit of Jai Alai. Featuring top-tier athletes from around the world, the League showcases the pinnacle of Jai Alai talent as players compete in fast-paced matches filled with skillful athleticism and strategic gameplay. As part of the WJAL’s mission to revitalize the sport of Jai Alai on a global scale, the League promises to deliver unforgettable moments and matches, keeping fans on the edge of their seats throughout the season.

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