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All Sports Television Network Enters into Deal With Super Wi-FI Tech Company

Tuesday, October 24, 2023

Detroit, MI – All Sports Television Network (ALL SPORTS) announces the signing of an agreement with Stadium Engineering Network (SE NETWORK), a technology development company. Under the terms of the agreement, ALL SPORTS will provide sports-related entertainment content that will be integrated into the company’s stationary, portable, and mobile devices.

The initial projects under development by the two companies involve placing ALL SPORTS content on screens at mobile phone charging stations and at EV charging stations.

“Our collaboration with Stadium Engineering provides significant opportunities to both of our organizations,” stated Roger Neal Smith, President of All Sports Television Network. “We are continually seeking new ways of integrating television broadcasting with new technology. I envision that our relationship with Stadium Engineering will enhance and expand viewers’ experiences when looking at sports, entertainment, broadcasting, and technology.”

About Stadium Engineering Network
Stadium Engineering Network is a technology company based in Lansing, Michigan. Its premiere product is Inline Link (INLINE), which uses a Super Wi-Fi broadcast signal to produce a rich text entertainment experience. Within the
broadcast, INLINE is capable of displaying previously stored information and advertising, along with edited video.

Inline Link’s technology has been expanded to be housed inside its latest mobile phone charging stations. Moreover, INLINE technology can be found at a growing
number of electric vehicle charging stations throughout the Midwest.

For more information visit: www.inlinelink.com.

For more information, contact: Mark Jeffers at marsar@optonline.net
All Sports Television Network
P.O. Box 3262
Glendale, California 91221
(747) 234-7902 ● info@all-sportstv.net

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