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The best surf-inspired home decor

So you want to introduce surf style into your home environment and are not sure where to begin? This article will help you discover furniture and decorative ideas that bring elements of the surfing experience into your home.

What are some considerations when designing your interior?

  • Before rushing to buy specific items, consider the colors that will work with your existing home décor. Too many colors can become garish and overwhelming. Create a color palette – there are lots of tools to help with this. Try coolers to generate limitless color combinations.
  • Consider the look – are you going for: vintage surf, beach house, shabby chic or modern minimalist? Surf style décor is compatible with every kind of design approach but ideally try to keep it consistent. For example, a surfboard coffee table will look good pretty much anywhere, whereas surf paintings really need to suit the space they’re in.
  • Are you trying to create an environment that is inspiring, peaceful or vibrant? Less is often more. Once you’ve chosen your color palette and look it is best to remove old design features and avoid clashing styles. If you’re moving towards shabby chic / vintage design then get rid of the modern prints and lamps. The idea is: build a consistent style that aligns with your purpose for each room. Bedrooms might have a wave mural to inspire action in the morning, living areas might be peaceful to create a relaxing evening environment.
  • Is your surf décor going to be functional? Are you going to hang surfboards and, if so, are they going to be surfboards that you regularly use. Surfboard racks can look cool in the living room if they’re kept clean and tidy. However, we all know that surfboard racks can quickly become hubs for sand, salt and general untidiness. Perhaps mounting a trophy board on a wall is a good idea – but make sure the board looks good. That crusty, yellowing old thruster might not be a great wall adornment.
  • Are you purchasing a surf gift for someone’s home? If so, be sure to save the receipt as your idea of good design may differ from theirs. Don’t be offended if they take your gift back because it doesn’t quite match their taste.

Without further ado, let’s explore some surf-inspired design features that will bring the beach to your home.

Coffee table

A beautiful surfboard-shaped coffee table can suit any design style. In fact, Surfing Hall of Famer and pro waterman Kai Lenny just launched a debut collection with Salty Furniture, the original surfboard coffee table.

The limited release collection features two handcrafted coffee tables made of authentic surfboard blanks. The Kai Lenny Black Edition is a tribute to the psychedelic 1970’s surfing era, while the Kai Lenny Alaïa Edition honors Lenny’s Hawaiian roots. They’re simple, functional and stylish.

Surfboard Shelf

Great for an office or kids room, this shelf is a cute way to remind yourself of what is really important in life. With a tribal pattern, it is suited to a relaxed room style and will ideally support a couple of picture frames or ornaments.

Buy here

Surf art

Art is the easiest way to add waves and surf imagery into your environment. Consider whether you want to purchase a painting from a surf artist or perhaps a print from a surf photographer. Ensure that the style and colors match your environmental purpose and will improve your space, rather than dominate it.

Buy on Amazon


Remind yourself to slow down with a beach-inspired clock. Ranging from cute and illustrated like the example above, to seriously stylish clocks from Salty Furniture, choose a clock that makes you smile in the midst of a busy life.

Buy on Amazon


To really make a statement, consider converting an entire wall into a work of art. Be discerning because you’ll likely have this piece of art / design in your space for years to come. The process of attaching a mural is sometimes fiddly so choose well. The benefits of a mural is that you’ll really create a unique and bold statement.

Buy here

Surfboard Wall Hooks

Best suited to a vintage, fun environment, these hooks are a cute way to add some surfboard-themed functionality to an empty space. Definitely not compatible with modern, minimalist design, the hooks work great in a hallway or surfer kids room.

Buy on Amazon

Wall paper

Better than centerfold posters from surf magazines, surfing wallpaper is a great way to bring boards, waves and palm trees into a room. Apply with care as the adhesive process requires discipline and commitment. Having two people makes it much easier. The design above is great for a home office or kids room.

Buy on Amazon

Surfboard wall mount

If you do own a trophy board or a collectors item then why not mount it somewhere for all to see. Firewire Timbertek boards look great, as do retro creations like the Lightning Bolt fish. It’s always sad to see a perfectly usable board hanging on a wall so you could always refurbish an old, otherwise unridable board for your home decor. If you’re going to mount a board you use regularly then you may consider removing the legrope and fins for aesthetic purposes.

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The wallpaper above and this vintage-style duvet cover are a match made in surf heaven. Sure, the room will look busy but a young surfer (up to around age 13) will probably love the combo. If you’re decorating your beach house with surf-inspired design then this bedding will be great for brightening up a guest bedroom.

Buy on Amazon

Pillow Cover

A single surf cushion might be all you need to bring the beach into your home. Cushions have many roles – form, function, aesthetic. They can be bright and bold or subdued. You can even get photographs printed on cushions if you want to match a minimalist style you’ve created, or to match the other photography in your home.

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Decorative Wall Sign

The staple of any rustic beach house is those white letters spelling “LOVE” or “SURF” along with a few wall signs such as “Gone Surfing” or the surfboard art above. You probably don’t want to overdo it with this kind of artwork, although if you’re going for a rustic, vintage look then you’ve probably already overdone it! Enjoy and make sure that you plaster every inch of wall space with whatever makes you feel good!

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Surfboard Cutting Board

The surfboard-shaped cutting board is a subtle surfing flex. It says that you have resources to select more refined versions of standard products while also reminding you to go surfing whenever you slice something. We love the cutting board and think it is a perfect addition to a minimalist surf-themed home. We’d go for a Salty Furniture coffee table and clock, a cutting board and a few super stylish photographic prints – probably in black and white.

Buy on Amazon

Soap Dispenser

Some might think it tacky but if you’re doing the surf chic thing then you may as well go all in. Soap dispensers that say “Gone Surfing”. If nothing else, it’ll make your guests smile.

Buy on Amazon

What do you recommend? Have we missed anything cool? Let us know in the comments as we will update this list regularly.

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