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Ferrari’s revival in 2021 not a complete surprise

The Maranello squad endured one of its worst seasons in recent times last year, finishing down in sixth position in the constructors’ championship, its worst result since 1980.

Despite chassis development being restricted by the regulations this season, Ferrari has been one of the most improved teams, scoring three podiums, including Leclerc coming close to victory in the British GP last month.

The Monegasque driver says, having seen the work at the factory, Ferrari’s turnaround is not a big shock.

“Better than expected,” he said of Ferrari’s season so far. “I think there is a lot of work behind, and obviously I can see it whenever I go in Maranello, here at the track. So it’s not a complete surprise.

“Obviously there is a big gain compared to last year, which is great to see, and it shows we are doing something right in the way we work.

“But it’s not the end of the road, and we have as a target to be back on top.

“So yeah, we are just not really focusing on expectations, we are just focusing on the work to do back in Maranello and at the track, trying to maximise everything, to be back to where we want to be as soon as possible,” he added.

Leclerc says the arrival of Carlos Sainz Jr to the team has been “great” for him – as the Spaniard has pushed him from the start – as well as for the team as it focuses on getting back to winning ways in 2022.

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“I’m enjoying this season. It’s not an easy phase for the team. Obviously we are trying to reconstruct everything to be back on top as soon as possible. It was the first year with Carlos as a teammate.

“It’s going very, very well. We are pushing each other, he’s very, very competitive, which is great for me.

“And yeah, as a team, we are working very, very well. We are trying to use this momentum to gain this experience and be as ready as possible for next year, which is going to be a very important year.

“Not forgetting obviously this year and trying to maximise our results.”

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