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OnCore VERO X1 Tops the Best | Golf EQ Review

OnCore Golf’s New VERO X1 Vaults to the Top in Golf EQ Independent Testing

Higher launch, lower spin, greater distance and more control around the greens. These are attributes long associated with the industry’s two biggest brand name golf balls, Titleist® Pro V1® and Pro V1x®.

According to independent testing recently conducted by Golf EQ, OnCore Golf’s VERO X1 hasn’t just joined the party… it may have crashed it.

The four-piece VERO X1 went head-to-head with both iconic balls and outperformed the dynamic duo in Golf EQ’s driver and iron testing. It also finished atop the composite rankings with a total Golf EQ score of 372.68 versus 350.83 for Pro V1® and 362.26 for Pro V1x®.

How about that dreaded side-spin that derails so many tee shots? The VERO X1 delivers decidedly less of it – up to 60% – resulting in significantly straighter drives.

From the Golf EQ editors:

“Overall, the VERO X1’s 4-piece construction and 80-84 compression rating provide a well-balanced performance profile, especially for golfers with 95 mph and above driver club head speeds. The VERO X1 delivered a high launch and low spin performance profile that allowed our testers to pick up distance in irons and with their drivers compared to both the Pro V1® and Pro V1x® …”

The Golf EQ Methodology: 

Five golfers hit 24 shots with each of the three golf balls using a driver, 6-iron and a preferred wedge between 50-55 degrees for a total of 24 shots with each golf ball in each club category.

The golfers hit shots over multiple sessions to ensure they didn’t get tired and bias the data. Shot data was recorded using the Foresight Sports GC launch monitor, with over 50 different measurements collected for every swing.

Driver swing speeds captured ranged from 95 to 112 mph, optimal for playing a TOUR-caliber, high-compression ball.

“The Golf EQ test results validate our primary objective with the VERO X1: to create a product that the best golfers in the world would objectively consider best-in-class,” says Keith Blakely, OnCore CEO. “At $39.99 a dozen, the VERO X1 presents serious golfers with a tremendous value proposition in relation to performance.”

Just how important is ball selection when it comes to game improvement? According to Golf EQ, playing the same ball on every shot is the fastest path to consistency. OnCore makes this easy for golfers of all skill levels with its award-winning suite of golf balls: AVANT 55, ELIXR, and VERO X1.

A tiered loyalty program, subscribe-and-save options, and military discounts make choosing the right OnCore ball for you and sticking with it easy and affordable.

More information visit www.oncoregolf.com.

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