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Surflogic: gear that improves the surfing experience

Our first encounter with surf brand Surflogic was when we heard about their wetsuit dryer – a tool most surfers who live in cooler climates have fantasised about owning. Putting on a cold, wet, wetsuit is about as much fun as Monday morning traffic and Surflogic created a robust, proven solution to this surfing dilemma.

But they didn’t stop there.

Surflogic’s product range includes tools and accessories designed to improve all aspects of the surfing experience – with a real focus on what happens before you paddle out and after you return to land. They’ve identified pain points in the surfing experience: wet wetsuits, wet car seats, secure storage of car keys, getting dry, keeping things dry – and they’ve invented a range of innovative solutions.

Recently, the World Surf League has used Surflogic products at several CT events in Australia, Spain and Portugal. In 2021, there were Surflogic double system wetsuit hangers available at multiple events, and their wetsuit dryers were available to competitors before and between heats at the WA events at Margaret River and Rottnest Island. Paddling out warm and dry means your core temperature will remain higher for longer, ensuring you don’t max out your resources too early in the session.

The Surflogic wetsuit and accessory hangers

Surflogic History

Surflogic was established in 2005 in the Basque Country (Spain), with a focus on manufacturing lock boxes used to keep car keys safe. In 2018 they developed the first wetsuit dryer – able to dry wetsuits in just 20 minutes – as well as a range of hanger systems for storing and drying wetsuits, booties, gloves and accessories.

Surflogic was founded by Javier Gonzalez Vega who, during a surf trip to the Gold Coast in Australia, was inspired by Aussie surf culture and saw opportunities for creating tools and accessories that would improve all aspects of the surf lifestyle.

The Surflogic HQ and development center is located on the coast of the Basque Country (Spain) on the border with France, close to some of the best European waves. This is a perfect environment in which to surfing inventions to extreme cold, hot summers, sea salt, icy winds and unforgettable road trips. The Surflogic mission is to develop and offer the best products to customers, to improve the everyday life of surfers and water sports enthusiasts.

Surflogic Australia

Surflogic Australia is the authorised retailer, distributor, & wholesaler of Surflogic Hardware in Australia & New Zealand. They bring a comprehensive range of Surflogic products downunder and we were excited to receive a few products to try out here at Surfd HQ. See the roundup below.

As an organisation, they’re working hard to minimise plastic packaging by providing sustainable cardboard alternatives. They’ve also joined the Dollar Donation Club which means that every purchase made from Surflogic Australia will contribute funds towards removing plastic from the ocean.

Product Roundup

We decided to review three products that we believed would improve our surfing lives. Being in New Zealand for most of the year means we need to wear wetsuits most of the time. Therefore, efficient drying of neoprene assumes unusual importance in the life of your average surf-hungry, weather-hardened surf warrior.

While reviewing the Surflogic range we even discovered that we’ve been hanging things wrong. Stop using that coat-hanger that comes with your wetsuit. It is time for change…

Getting organised with Surflogic gear

1. The Surflogic Wetsuit Hanger

This is a heavy-duty blue coloured hanger that is designed to dry wetsuits the proper way. What is the proper way, you ask? Don’t hang your wet wetsuit the same way as you hang a shirt in your wardrobe. Why? Because it places significant strain on the shoulder seams, ultimately stretching the wetsuit from the bottom up. The Surflogic Wetsuit Hanger is designed to enable you to fold the wetsuit in half, which means water drains from both ends. It also ensures that there are less stress points in the neoprene. You can of course hang your wetsuit on this hanger the traditional way once it is dry – making this a truly versatile, purpose-built product for surfers. We were fortunate to receive a Surflogic Strap Carabiner which we attached to our hanger, meaning that we can suspend our wetsuits from virtually anywhere – a railing in the garage, a tree, a fence – all without worrying about the wetsuit blowing away.

I paired my new O’Neill Hyperfreak with the Surflogic Wetsuit Hanger and was stoked to discover the wetsuit almost completely dry just 3 hours after surfing. The Hyperfreak is a quick-drying suit (even the 4/3 model) and the Surflogic hanger is a perfect companion. Both the carabiner and the standard hanger hook swivel 360 degrees, meaning that the suit can rotate with the wind, speeding up the drying process.

We believe that using this product will extend the life of your wetsuit (and all of your future wetsuits), making it a great purchase from a sustainability perspective.

  • How to hang your wetsuit correctly
  • The Surflogic Carabiner System

2. Surflogic Wetsuit Accessory Hanger

If you’ve ever surfed in cold water (say, under 16 degrees Celcius or 61 degrees Farenheit) you’ve probably considered wrapping up in more than just a wetsuit. Items like booties, gloves and even hoods can improve the surfing experience. They enable you to withstand the elements for longer by keeping your extremities (somewhat) warmer. However, these items are fiddly and often end up in your wet bag, surf box or outside on the verandah, where they remain wet and soggy until the next surf. Imagine a drying rack designed specifically for accessories so that you can quickly and easily get them ready for your next session. That solution was devised by the team at Surflogic in the form of the Wetsuit Accessory Hanger.

This product rotates 360 degrees, has a removable hook (enabling you to use the Carabiner system) and can even stand up by itself on the ground. Simply twist out the base and you’ve got a bootie rack that looks tidy whether you’re at home or somewhere seriously intrepid. The side hangers are long enough for the longest surf boots and the smaller spikes can easily support gloves, hoods or other wet gear. You’ll probably find yourself using this genius hanger for other wet gear – swimsuits, snorkelling equipment, even water camera gear that needs to be dried out.  

3. The Key Security Lock Box with LED Light

Many years ago we reviewed some lock boxes on Surfd and while they worked acceptably they weren’t really purpose-buit for attaching to cars. The Surflogic Lock Box is designed to protect your vehicle while also securing your keys. We love the rubber-coated shackle and thick foam backing, both of which prevent scraping on the car exterior.

This lock box is designed to open easily outwards. This is cool because when you’ve got cold fingers you really want minimal fuss after your surf. The lock combination is covered by a protective plastic cover and the LED light model includes a button that, when pressed, lights up the numbers. These guys know the pains of surfing past sunset. If you have an electronic key for your vehicle, we highly recommend getting one of these lock boxes. Surflogic include an aluminium pouch to further protect your keys from rain and bad weather.

Where do you attach the lock box? Anywhere there is a secure anchor point. It could be the door handle, a suspension coil or the axle towing eye. The benefit of the LED light is that you can now attach the lock beneath the car without worrying about visibility issues when entering your combination.


With car seat covers, surf ponchos, waterproof bags and, of course, the wetsuit hangers and dryer, Surflogic is the answer to “what more does a surfer need?”

If you happen to be purchasing a gift for the surfer in your life then you can let them choose with a Surflogic gift card.

Discover Surflogic Australia at surflogicaustralia.com.au or visit the global website at surflogic.com.

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