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Synthetic Deer Scents – Dirty Little Secret

Even the mere mention of synthetic deer scents can created a heated debate in your favorite hunting Facebook group. Any positive post is immediately followed by a myriad of negative ones. The usual claim is that synthetic scents do not work. They don’t fool deer nor interest them. And, if I am being honest, they aren’t necessarily wrong because they are probably accurately reflecting their experience with synthetic deer scents.

It is what they didn’t know about what they bought that created the issue.Synthetic Deer ScentsThere is a dirty little secret in the synthetic deer scent industry: most of the ineffective synthetic deer urine on the market is from just a couple bulk manufacturers and rebottled by smaller companies under their label. It was not developed to attract deer (trust me, I know the formulations). It is formulated to fool hunters and maximize profits. You may have bought 3 different “brands” of deer lure, but what you didn’t know was the stuff in the bottle was all the same basic formula from the same source. They bought it in 5 gallon pails or 55 gallon drums (or maybe already in those amber plastic 4 oz spray bottles) and put it in their bottle with their label and branding. See how that works? Now, I am not against private labeling. However, I do believe you should not make wild claims about “we formulated a new scent”, “ground breaking new scent”, etc., when the reality is much different. I also expect you to care if it works for the hunter or not.

Lucky 7 Scents are all original formulas. If you follow our Facebook group, we often post about our research and development and share the results we get. We do the research the other guys aren’t doing, and honestly, can’t do.  We get down and dirty into the chemistry of urine and glandular scents. The bulk sellers aren’t doing it because they are too busy making money.

Our technology is cutting edge. Try our Lucky 7 A.S.S. or Lucky 7 “The Juice” Maximum Pheromonal Response scents. The best, most advanced synthetic deer scents on the planet. You’ll then know just how effective great scent products can be!

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