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2021 Olympic beam final. Biles is back

2021 Olympic beam final. Biles is back

Beam finals start lists and results

Chenchen going up last is meant to screw with her mind. These start lists are highly suspect. Chenchen sitting there while waiting for 7 gymnasts to compete and expecting her to hit will end this Olympics with a straight out of Ariake Gymnastics Centre like miracle.

Mai was robbed of the Floor gold so no one cares because an American got a gift. Funny how form only matters when we find ways to take gold from Mykayla Skinner but a complete lack of any semblance of anything but chucking badly, piked skills deserves gold.

Why not take artistic out of the title. This sport should be called gymnastics.

Will be interesting to see what execution score Simone gets for an easier routine. If she can’t twist the full on beam has to come out. She is allegedly planning a double pike dismount. Her routine usually gets middle 8.5 like and I could see them giving her a 9 execution with a 6.2 beam routine and winning a medal. This final really sucks for poor, Urara Ashikawa who sat there and watched Simone pull out of final after final where US gymnasts ended up getting the benefit and she doesn’t get to compete in her home country even though she was completely lowballed in the first subdivision of prelims. I don’t care who this pisses off, I hope Simone can’t go tomorrow and pulls out and Ashikawa gets to compete and wins a medal. Simone not winning a medal will make no difference, she has a million medals.

Saw the Floor final routines. I would have put Mai first. I fully admit to probably being biased but overall IMO she had the best routine. Step on her DL pass. Vanessa, I would have put second. Great landings but the one pass. Third I would have given it to Andrade. Go watch her ridiculous over score in the AA and this routine and this one wins by a mile. Huge tumbling. She had the OOB and one messy landing but everyone had one messy landing. Melnikova got a gift here. That last pass should have taken her to 4th. Jade landed every pass with steps. These judges refuse to acknowledge her shitty leaps and bad form. That split leap thing she never finishes. Jade had much better landings in prelims. Everything Jade does is piked. That first pass is an abomination. I don’t even need to do slow-mo to see her mistakes. The judges don’t see them at all.

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