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So the Bengals were better than we thought

OK Cincy you get to enjoy this week.
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The Cincinnati Bengals accomplished something they hadn’t done since the 2018 season on Sunday. The Bengals won their season opener, beating the Minnesota Vikings 27-24 in overtime, making this their first win in a season opener at home since 2007. Carson Palmer was the Bengals starting quarterback for that 27-20 defeat over the Baltimore Ravens.

Another thing Cincy accomplished in Week 1 is making yours truly eat his less than flattering words about the franchise. (Ed note: We apologize for Criss. He’s new)

In a previous article about the NFL fan bases that consume the most beer at games around the league, I mentioned that Bengals had to be drunk to sit through an entire Bengals game.

“So, it is only fitting for Bengals fans to be deemed drunkest among NFL fan bases. Hell, sometimes being inebriated is a necessity when watching the Bengals, Bungal around the field as they are known to do.”

Now, the Bengals weren’t flawless in Week 1, but they did play well enough to beat the Vikings. Take that however you want, but a win is a win, and the Bengals will take it along with their loyal fan base. Let’s see the Bengals keep this momentum going into Weeks 2 & 3 as they visit the Chicago Bears and AFC North rivals, the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Second-year starter Joe Burrow looked pretty good for the Bengals, passing for 261 yards while completing 70% of his passes. Burrow also threw two touchdowns to zero picks. Not bad for his first game back after a season-ending knee injury in his rookie year.

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There is still much room for growth within this offense, though. The Bengals offensive line gave up five sacks in Week 1. Again, big win, but still a ways to go where becoming a playoff team is concerned. One other bright spot for Cincinnati was only being called for three penalties the entire game. Those 15 penalty yards were the lowest in the league for Week 1. I’m sure the Bengals coaching staff can live with that number.

So, let’s see how Burrow and Bengals fare over the next few weeks. Maybe they’ll continue to show this writer and the rest of the NFL that we should no longer be underestimating this franchise. I’d doubt that, but hey, stranger things have happened in the NFL. But for now, here’s to you Bengals fans, you’ve earned this one; enjoy this season-opening treat.

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