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Charles Woodson sang to his mom during his HOF speech

Charles Woodson provided one of the most heartwarming moments of the 2021 NFL Hall of Fame induction ceremony by singing to his mom.

NFL players are supposed to be some of the toughest guys there are. If there’s ever a time for the toughest of the tough to get emotional, it’s during an induction speech at the NFL Hall of Fame.

Charles Woodson gave a unique touch to his induction speech with some music to honor his mother.

Partway through his speech, Woodson sang a verse from “A Song For Mama” from Boyz II Men.

“Mama, mama, you know I love you. Mama, mama, you’re the queen of my heart. Your love is like tears from the stars,” Woodson sang, choking up.

“I think I lost a bet,” he continued after a pause. “I love my mama, man. Look no further than my mama to find out where I get it from. My passion, how hard I work. That comes from my mother.”

Charles Woodson showed his mother how much he loves her with song

If Woodson’s mom gets to take credit for his passion and hard work, then the NFL should thank her for the gift she gave the league.

Woodson played for 18 years at an extremely high level. He was drafted No. 4 overall by the Oakland Raiders in 1998 and immediately made his mark on the league as a Pro Bowl selection and AP Defensive Rookie of the Year.

He went on a four-year run of Pro Bowl nods with the Raiders from 1998-01. In 2006, he left Oakland for Wisconsin, helping Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers rise to a Super Bowl victory in 2011.

He spent the final three years of his career back with the Raiders, picking up his ninth and final Pro Bowl honor in 2015 at the age of 39. He retired following that season.

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