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NHL Rumors: The Latest on Brady Tkachuk and the Ottawa Senators

TSN: Darren Dreger yesterday on TSN 1200 when asked about the latest on contract talks between the Ottawa Senators and Brady Tkachuk.

** NHLrumors.com transcription

“Yeah, I wish I did in terms of progress and a deal that is imminent. I mean it feels that way because both the Ottawa Senators and Newport Sports, who represent Brady Tkachuk have kept it very amicable, right.

So any time there is some sort of media update it always comes in as ‘talks are progressing, there’s constant communication between both sides.’

That’s fine but the clock is ticking obviously to the start of opening night, getting into the NHL regular season. So, there is no deal that is close at this point. That’s not to say that it can’t happen very swiftly.

I think when you get to this stage in the negotiation, everybody knows what the lines are, right? Ottawa prefers a certain amount of term, a long-term. They know what they like in terms of the money. They don’t like giving up the bonus money. So the structure of the contract has been a back-and-forth to be sure.

But you have to wonder how long before one side or the other starts pushing towards a shorter term. I don’t think they are quite there yet. I don’t think they are quite there yet but I think both sides recognize, maybe more from the team side. The Ottawa Senators realize, look, they need Brady Tkachuk in the lineup for opening night. It’s not like he can just step on the ice and be Brady Tkachuk. He’s a great player, very good athlete. He’s young, he can bounce but he’s going to need a bit of time to get back to game-type of fitness.

I mean obviously, this week is going to be a crucial one, but to say , as we go into that new week that the deal is imminent, we’re not there yet.”

Dreger when asked if he thinks a deal, short- or long-term deal will get done and that he won’t miss any regular-season games.

“I mean I do, but I’m not in the middle of the negotiations either.

The one thing that kind of came out recently was how it’s not just Brady Tkachuk and Newport Sports that’s negotiating here. It’s team Tkachuk, right? Keith is heavily involved, dad, and Matthew spoke publicly. Some of that is posturing.

I mean obviously, we saw the same thing, not to the degree that Matthew went, but similarly conversation of support from Jack Hughes in relation to Quinn Hughes of the Vancouver Canucks.

But, there is pressure points here. Brady doesn’t want to miss games but Brady feels like all restricted free agents do at the top of the class, that he’s earned a certain level. So, still feels like they are going to get a deal done here very, very shortly, but I don’t man, I hate being wishy-washy and not answering a question by tipping one way or the other, but if I were forced I would say there is a 60-40 chance that it gets done, but that’s an educated guess at this point.”











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