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DeChambeau makes quarter final at World Long Drive Championship – Golf News

Bryson DeChambeau can call himself the world’s sixth longest driver and the seventh best golfer after the 28-year-old managed to reach the quarter finals of the 2021 World Long Driving Championship held in Las Vegas. DeChambeau, whose longest drive of the tournament was a 412-yard effort achieved


InterMat Wrestling – Maroulis Wins Third World Title on Final Day of Women’s Competition

Three-time World Champion Helen Maroulis (Photo/Tony Rotundo/UWW) 57 kg Maroulis mauls Anshu for third world title. A couple of months after taking a bronze medal at the Olympics, Helen Maroulis is back on top of the world at 57 kgs. Maroulis started off slow and was put on the shot clock


Pick your 2021 US World team before it happens. Updated list of competitors. YANKEES SUCK

Pick your 2021 US World team before it happens. Updated list of competitors. YANKEES SUCK Addison Fatta is out. Injured or something. New List of competitors below. Two more out. I wonder if they told them only AA gymnasts? Blakely is out and so is Ava. Had to get the Yankees Suck in before the Red


Top 12 Scariest Golf Holes in the World

Bunker shots, water hazards, downhill putts – golf sure can be scary! And in celebration of Halloween, we’ve gathered the scariest golf holes and shots in the world. Most Intimidating Shots in the Game 1. Scariest Opening Hole Golf Course: The Old Course at St. Andrews Location:


World Championship Rosters Released – The Balance Beam Situation

The FIG released the nominative rosters for worlds today, which is probably a good thing because podium training begins in a cool 9.25 days. Might want to know who is going. Ish. I mean, it’s just nominative. Case in point, the US women’s team, which won’t be selected until this weekend. The US


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