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All Sports Television Network Shifts into the Fast Lane

Wednesday, January 31, 2024

Detroit, MI – All Sports Television Network (“ALL SPORTS”) announces its sponsorship of the National Motorsports Association (NMA), reaffirming its steadfast dedication to bolstering the world of motorsports and actively contributing to its dynamic expansion. As a sponsor, ALL SPORTS is committed to playing a key role in enhancing the motorsports experience for fans, endorsing thrilling races, and fostering the development of motorsports talent.

“This partnership marks an exciting chapter for All Sports Television Network and National Motorsports Association,” stated Roger Neal Smith, CEO of ALL SPORTS. “We are delighted to showcase the adrenaline-fueled world of motorsports to our audience while supporting NMA in their mission to elevate the motorsports experience.”

“We are grateful and excited about the strategic partnership with ALL SPORTS driven by shared values and commitment to providing high quality sports entertainment and education to enthusiasts globally,” stated Carmen Carter, NMA Founder. “This partnership will elevate NMA’s work with MARTIN Technologies and Curry Motorsports to increase awareness and reach to the entertainment and sports industry.”

About National Motorsports Association
Founded in 1996, the National Motorsports Association (NMA) is a nonprofit think tank focusing on providing automotive training programs for the overall development and sustainability of the automotive and manufacturing sectors. Career options and job placement are provided in collaboration with engineers, manufacturers, and high performance driver development professionals. NMA involvement in community outreach initiatives, promoting safe driving activities and motorsports events reflects a holistic approach to talent development.

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